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2017 Ferret Agility Trials

Eugene is a wacky place with wacky events. I think we all know that by now. And what’s a better way to embrace that fact than by visiting the 2017 Ferret Agility Trials? The event is put on by the Lane Area Ferret Shelter and Rescue. This year it’s Hawaiian-themed, so make sure you and your little ferret friend come decked out in a lei and hula skirt. Even if you don’t have a ferret, there’s fun to be had. There will be carnival games for kids that are 25 cents, a silent auction and a raffle, and of course you can always just come to be a spectator to the ferret agility trials. If you do bring your little furry, ferret friend with you, make sure they’re in a carrier or on a leash. 

The 2017 Ferret Agility Trials are noon to 4 pm on Sunday, Sept. 10, at Emerald Park (1400 Lake Drive). For more information 541-484-1090. If you’re bringing a ferret to participate in the agility games, you must pay a registration donation fee of $3 per ferret. If you’re just coming as a spectator, the event is FREE. — Meerah Powell