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Chaos from the Carpet Store

Following in the vaunted footsteps of the great Wallace Shawn, who went right into Manhattan living rooms to perform intimate dramatic readings of his play The Fever, this weekend local playwright Mike Schwab will stage his fifth in a series of “apartment plays,” a sort of guerilla theater production in which the audience stands outside observing a play being performed in a distinctly un-theatrical space like an apartment or a store. “As an audience member, it’s a unique and interesting way to see a show,” Schwab says. “With us being inside behind glass with an audio recording being sent out, the audience probably feels that they are watching TV in a way, or watching us in a snow globe. Then, it’s cool when we have characters come outside and talk in their regular voices. It’s sort of like if a character on TV showed up in your living room.” This time around, Schwab will perform Chaos from the Carpet Store, a zombie comedy in which the dead resurface when a carpet joint is built over their burial ground.

Blocks from Broadway Productions presents Chaos from the Carpet Store, an apartment play, 8 pm Friday and Saturday, Oct. 27-28, at 355 W. 8th Ave.; FREE, donations accepted. — Rick Levin