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Mark Clarke and Margaret Coe: Our Lives in Paint

Mark Clarke and Margaret Coe: Our Lives in Paint, a retrospective exhibition of work by two of Eugene’s best-loved painters, opens Saturday, Oct. 21, and runs through April 1 at the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art at the University of Oregon. Clarke, who died last year, and Coe, his widow, have spent their lives here making art — portraits and landscapes for the most part — in oil on canvas, by Coe, and acrylic on canvas, by Clarke. Coe was influenced by the work of 20th-century Oregon painters such as C.S. Price and Charles Heaney, and both she and Clarke studied with art professors David McCosh, Andrew Vincent and Jack Wilkinson while students at the UO. A gallery tour begins at 2 pm Saturday, with a reception to follow; their son, New York trumpet player Tim Clarke, will perform. A separate show of Clarke’s paintings is running through Oct. 28 at the Karin Clarke Gallery, 760 Willamette Street; that will be followed by an exhibition of Coe’s work at the gallery from Nov. 1 though Nov. 25. Karin Clarke Gallery is owned by the artists’ daughter. — Bob Keefer