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The Sexbots

If you are looking to ring in your new year on a completely surreal and darkly sensual note, you might consider spending the night with The Sexbots, an experimental electronica project conceived and executed by Portland-based artist Ilima Considine. Underscored by an alien soundscape that is a carnival of interstellar blips and algorithmic bleeps, Considine’s vulnerable tenor — wavering between the writhing shit-fits of Bjork and the erotic pleadings of PJ Harvey — takes on nervy themes of sexuality and emotional displacement. The Sexbots make pornographic sounds for the space age, and Considine is the outfit’s hot-and-bothered emcee, singing songs about desire and erotic obsession.

The Sexbots play with the Elena Leona Project and Stephen Rose 9pm Wednesday, Dec. 31, at The Granary; $8.