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Godspell 2.0

The beautiful old Lighthouse church has been reclaimed as a theater as well as a sacred space, so what could be more fitting than opening with an updated production of Godspell? New Hope International’s creative arts director, Steve Kenny, notes there are several reasons to be thrilled about the new venue and the old classic.

“We have an outstanding cast,” Kenny says, noting that several of the actors are fresh from a similar production of Godspell that was mounted in Hawaii. Along with the young cast, Kenny says he is excited about tapping the directorial wisdom of veteran performer Roxy Ragozzino.

“There is always something new,” Kenny explains, describing Ragozzino’s directing style. “She knows the show inside-out and backwards.”

The original 1971 musical, a folk-rock expression of the gospel according the Matthew (with a little help from Luke), has been updated with a “John Mayer-esque groove,” Kenny says.

And music is not the only aspect of the production that’s been revamped. The New Hope Center Auditorium recently underwent theatrical renovation, including stage, lighting and sound improvements.

New Hope International is an organization emphasizing creative arts as an integral part of Christian worship, though according to Kenny: “This is not church; it’s a solid theatrical production.”

Godspell plays April 20-22 at New Hope Center Auditorium, 1790 Charnelton St.; info & times at newhope.edu or 485-1780.