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Best of Ballot Stuffing, Take One

People. People, people, people. (Yes, I am using people in that annoying middle-school-teacher way for a reason.) I know you want your friends, your friends' bands, your employers, your aunts and uncles to win Best of Eugene. But every time you put a duplicate ballot in the box, you make winning a Best of Eugene award mean less. Also, somewhere, a baby bunny cries. Let's go over a couple of quick things:

1. No, you may not fill out a ballot for your boyfriend / mom / sister-in-law / grampa in Kentucky. I don't care if they told you you could. I'm telling you you can't.

2. Using different colors of ink will neither disguise your handwriting nor make me think the ballots are coming from different people.

3. Voting for a few different things here and there while keeping the same votes in key categories will also not disguise your evil, ballot-stuffing ways.

Got that? I'm keeping a stack of these puppies, and it's growing. And it's very obvious when they come in.

Also, while I'm yelling at you, don't forget to put your name on the ballot and vote in at least 20 categories. Ballots that do not follow the rules will not be counted. No joke.