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Newspaper War in Corvallis

 A small town newspaper slap fight broke out earlier this week after Corvallis' daily gazette printed a story alleging that The Corvallis Advocate owes thousands in back pay to an unspecified number of its former writers.

According to a story by veteran reporter Bennett Hall that appeared Monday in the Corvallis Gazette-Times, writer Ygal Kaufman and others claim that Advocate publisher Steve Schultz still hasn’t paid them for assignments published years ago. Kaufman tells the G-T that Schultz still owes him $2,500. Schultz declined to comment to the G-T, suggesting only that Kaufman and the rest of his accusers are disgruntled former employees: “I think some people have been fired from the Advocate. That’s all I have to say.”

Turns out that’s not all Schultz and his paper had to say. The Advocate fired back two days later with an article attacking the G-T alleging shoddy reporting and inadequate fact-checking. Though the Advocate’s rebuttal ran without a byline, Advocate Associate Editor Johnny Beaver is quoted saying: “Bennett Hall was apparently too lazy to check his facts, as aside from Steve [Schultz], no attempt to contact anyone who was on staff at the time was made.”

The Advocate acknowledges its "financial struggles,” but is quick to point out that G-T parent company Lee Enterprises recently declared bankrupt and then awarded $500,000 in bonuses to its CEO.