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Uncorked 2017

Whether you’re buying the spendy top-shelf corked wines or if the main criteria for your fermented grape drink is being able to unscrew its top with your bare hands, being a wine-drinker in the Willamette Valley doesn’t mean you need to spend a lot of money or have an educated palate. Turns out, screw-top wines are more than just a bargain, and you can partake in a wine tour without leaving downtown Eugene. If you do want to venture beyond downtown, then be sure to hit the roads by bike or by car (with a designated driver) Memorial Day Weekend when the wineries of the Willamette Valley open their doors for what is perhaps their biggest tasting weekend of the year. And from a farm whose wines are a shade of blue to catching up with Wine Folly, take an advance taste of this year’s wine scene in our annual Uncorked  issue.