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SLUG Queen Applications are Open!

 Markalo Parkalo

The 36th annual SLUG (Society for the Legitimization of the Ubiquitous Gastropod) queen coronation is coming up Aug. 11 and if you've always wanted to be a raining SLUG queen of Eugene, now is your chance! Applications are due Aug. 4.

The SLUG queen Facebook page describes the positon as: "campy Eugene tradition; The SLUG Queen rules the Land of Lane with compassion and slime for all. Politically savvy, wickedly witty or garishly garbed--the SLUG queen has her pulse on the needs and desires of her fiefdom. As Eugene's good will ambassador, the SLUG Queen presides over parades, supports local charities, businesses and art, and throws an annual ball--of course you are invited darlings!"

Competition information is below (ignore the reference to the Festival of Eugene, which no longer exists) and you can find the application here:


•The selection of the 2017 Queen is entirely at the whim of the assembled old S.L.UG. Queens and celebrity judges.

•Judging is made in three categories: Costume, Talent Act and The Question. Your “talent” act will be limited to three minutes. Really! It will! First Lady in Waiting Kim will contact you to go over any sound/technical needs you may have.

•Contestants must be 21 or older, but there are no other restrictions of any kind with regard to sex, gender, sexual orientation, appearance, race, disability, creed, species, etc. The S.L.U.G. Queen embodies the spirit of diversity.

•Contestants must enter in the spirit of fun and may be tastefully tacky, but not gross and disgusting.

•Bear in mind that this is a family event, therefore overt, strong references to sex, drug or alcohol use and other “adult” themes are inappropriate and will disqualify you. Local politics and rock & roll are fair game, though.

•Contestants should understand the duties of the S.L.U.G. Queen. Being the most flexible creatures on Earth, we SLUGS are making up our own fun as we go along, supporting and collaborating with each other as we re-envision the “Rain” of a S.L.U.G. Queen in our fair Realm. We don’t have an official relationship with the Festival of Eugene folks, but they seem open to collaborations and appearances. The Queen is also expected to make herself available for events of royal merit throughout the year of her reign and to participate in the organization of the 2017 coronation, to pass on her wealth of experience and stash of slime.

•Bribing the judges is acceptable before and during the competition, First Lady In Waiting Kim can provide you with a list of Queenly email addresses if you would like to pursue bribery in advance of the competition.

•Being crowned S.L.UG. Queen escalates one into the public realm and requires appearances before people of all ages; appropriate attitude is required.

•Do not hesitate to contact First Lady in Waiting Kim with any questions you may have. Call her at 541-521-7125 or email firstladykim@cottageevents.com.