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The Washington Post Says Nice Things about Eugene, Willamette Week Melts Down

Last week The Washington Post featured Eugene as a travel destination. It mentioned a lot of lovely parts about living here: things like Ballet Fantastique, Izakaya Meiji, King Estate, Blair Alley Vintage Arcade and many more. Portland alt weekly Willamette Week. however, took umbrage with the praise.

We admit, the WaPodescribed Eugene as "diverse," which at least in the context of ethnicity, is pretty laughable (see EW writer Meerah Powell's take on the idea here).

And sure, it’s also a little strange to feature Eugene (or really anywhere in the Willamette Valley) as a travel destination during the rainy season.

But nevertheless, the article is in keeping with an increasingly positive tone about Eugene in national media. Perhaps our little city is on the come-up?

WW freelance writer Shannon Armour snarks, "Despite taking an odd and borderline insulting tone by kicking off her piece with the word 'Eugeneladia' (not a thing) and took a bit of a jab at the attire of pretty much all Eugenians, she seemed to have maybe enjoyed her time in the college town and it's a pretty decent summary of everything that you'd want to do in Eugene if you happen to find yourself there for a Ducks game or a Birkenstock and tie-dye convention."

What’s-a-matter Portland? Afraid the bloom’s coming off the Rose City?