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Is Eugene a Hotbed of Racism? The Oregonian tackles the white nationalist question

Eugeneans have long known about the presence of local racist Jimmy Marr — he seeks attention with banner drops proclaiming drivel such as “the Holocaust is Hokum” and drives around the state in a truck emblazoned with “It’s okay to be white” or “Do the white thing.”

Area residents were shocked earlier this month however when Bethany Sherman of then-respected local weed lab OG Analytical was outed by antifa groups as a white supremacist.

The Oregonian’s front page story, Emboldened white nationalists? Look no further than this liberal Oregon college town, delves into, Marr, Sherman and Jacob Laskey, an ex-con with white power tattoos who recently claimed responsibility for lighting “hundreds” of copies of EW on fire.

The story looks at the connections between these white supremacists, Eugene’s racist legacy from the Klu Klux Klan and recent upticks in hate crimes and it's worth sitting down for a read that brings some disturbing threads together.