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Thrift a la Mode

St. Vincent de Paul and local designer join forces to keep fashion out of the waste stream

Mitra Chester

Each month, St. Vincent de Paul Society of Lane County receives about a half million pounds of clothing. To put that in perspective, Boeing’s 747-8, one of the largest aircraft ever made in the U.S., weighs one million pounds. That is a lot of old clothing to sift through, but to some, that’s half a million opportunities to find a hidden treasure or a raw material. Continue reading 

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As Mother Teresa once said, “Give until it hurts.” Lane County has an abundance of nonprofits deserving of your donations — both tax deductible donations of cash before the end of the year and also donations of your time, your blankets, socks, warm clothing, food and other items in short supply. You might get some ideas from our cover image. EW donated all those items to people in need via First Christian Church. Continue reading 

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“Resist impulse decisions to donate.” That’s one of the pithy bits of advice on charitable giving that the Oregon Department of Justice (DOJ) sends out along with a list of the worst charities in order to keep the generously inclined from getting scammed. EW begs to differ: Impulse donations are awesome. Then again we are the kind of folks who pull over at a green light to give dollars to the people holding signs that say “made some bad decisions” or who have cute dogs with them. But it’s all in whom you give to. Continue reading