Aid On the Asphalt

Schizophrenics waking up in parking lots bloody and disoriented, suicidal college women threatening to jump, junkies in bathroom stalls, half-dead, face-down ‹ this is a side of Eugene witnessed by people who choose to look after the city in ways most dont or wont. Men and women working in the shadow of their better-known cohorts, Eugenes fire and police departments, CAHOOTS fills a niche somewhere between counseling and emergency medical care ‹ it helps people. The need is there every day, and so is CAHOOTS. Continue reading 

Baking Local

If you read our Spring 2011 Chow and want to share recipes or tips for finding ingredients for local baking, add them in the comments. Here are a few recipes we tried out, adapted for local ingredients: English-ish Muffins makes 10 big muffins Continue reading 

SXSW 2011 Music: 20 Disjointed Thoughts About a Disjointed Friday

Nerds (said with love, people; I am one, OK?) sometimes come back from nerd conventions talking about having caught “con crud,” an unavoidable illness caught while in the company of so frakking many other people. I woke up on Friday with what I’ll call “festival funk.” I blame everyone, no one and my own late hours. Take your vitamins, SXSW campers. Or at least drink your vodka with orange juice. Festival funk will screw with your days. Continue reading 

SXSW 2011 Music: Thursday

What all the excited, giddy, half-drunken tweets from SXSW don’t tell you is how much time you’re likely to spend walking from venue to venue and/or waiting in line for shows you may or may not get into. I’m not complaining. I’m just telling you why I feel like a total slacker for how few bands I’ve seen the last two days. Goddammit! My scheduling powers are no match for the distance between the Cedar Street Courtyard and the Scoot Inn! Continue reading 

SXSW 2011 Music: Wednesday

You know what I would like? I’d like for St. Patrick’s Day not to fall during SXSW. I overheard my first “Where’s your green?” conversation before noon. Sixth Street doesn’t need this. Drunken music fans + drunken, green-garbed college kids = double the mayhem. I expect to see piles of green, and I don’t mean shiny green leprechaun money. Continue reading 

SXSW Film: ‘How to Die in Oregon’

How to Die in Oregon isn’t an easy film to watch. Peter D. Richardson’s documentary focuses not on the legal or philosophical issues and ramifications of Oregon’s Death with Dignity act, but on the personal stories of people who have chosen to use the option the act gives them. Or, to be more specific, they’ve chosen the possibility, the measure of control afforded by having in hand a prescription for life-ending medication. The result isn’t a balanced, political film, but it isn’t trying to be. Continue reading