Local Mixed Martial Arts Competition

The folks at Midtown MMA are at it again with their third in a series of mixed martial arts shows, highlighting local fighters and local gyms. Midtown Throwdown III will present a 16-fight card starting at 6 pm Saturday, Feb. 11, at the Lane Events Center. Each match will consists of three three-minute rounds, where fighters may win by way of knockout, submission, technical knockout or decision.  Continue reading 

Got Thighs?

Tabata workout attracts hardcore fitness enthusiasts

The place looks like a dojo. It is clean, well lit and spartan. No frills. On the front door is a sign that warning not to enter unless they are willing to commit 100 percent to the workout. Inside are signs that say things like, “it’s suppose to be brutal,” “pain is inevitable, suffering is optional,” and, perhaps most foreboding, hanging in the bathroom: “Adapt or perish.” Continue reading 

Bombers, Bullets and Black History

John Wayne, Audie Murphy, Tom Berenger, Sylvester Stallone — these were the “war heroes” in the movies I grew up watching. All of them portrayed brazen, fearless, patriotic characters in over-the-top flicks that defined the psyches of many American fighting men in service today, as well as Americans who’ve never seen war but love to watch war movies. Continue reading