That 1 Guy

There are many instruments out there, each with its own timbre, tuning and technique of play. You’ve probably seen or heard some of the weirder ones — dulcimer, tanpura, whamola, etc. — but the Frankenstein creation That 1 Guy brings to the stage will knock your socks off. It’s affectionately known as the “magic pipe,” and it ain’t hard to see why. Bashing at the thing with drumsticks makes a percussive drone, which Mike Silverman, the “1 Guy” in this project, uses to great effect in his fuller, more bass-heavy, freak-metal sound. Continue reading 

Teachers Complain About 3X5 Process

More than 60 parents, teachers and students met April 18 to discuss the common schedule coming to all 4J high schools. Organized by a group called 4J Parents Supporting Public Schools, the meeting brought together people from all four high schools, who expressed frustration with both the 4J School Board’s mandate and the process leading up to it. Continue reading 

Panel Discussion to Examine 3×5 Schedule

The 4J School Board expanded public comment time at the April 10 meeting as part of its pledge to hold more feedback sessions with community members. Over about 90 minutes, comments touched on the district’s move to a common high school schedule, changes in the way health clinics operate and proposed cuts to library services. Continue reading 

Will Johnson

Musicians have been touring for years — it’s just part of the profession. Incidentally, touring musicians have had us up, out of our houses and walking to various venues for most of our lives. But mellow-shimmer genius Will Johnson found a way to turn this practice on its head. He’s embarked on a Western States Living Room Tour, which is exactly what it sounds like. The moody-voiced Missouri crooner is literally playing in people’s living rooms up and down the West Coast, and he’s making a stop in Eugene this week to play at an undisclosed location. Continue reading 

Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Once upon a time there was fuzz, and it was accidental. Then there came distortion. Then there came cleanliness, godliness and indie-pop. And then, quite inexplicably, there was fuzz again. We’re talking about production value here, and if there’s one band since indie-infamous Sleigh Bells that know how to do lo-fi right, it’s Unknown Mortal Orchestra. Take Ty Segall’s garage, Starfucker’s pop-chops, Wavves’ “I just don’t give a fuck” attitude, and the beauteous magic of a child’s imagination. Mix them all together. Gargle. Continue reading 


It started a long time ago, with a fella who may or may not have existed, and who may or may not have been crucified, buried and resurrected. Fact-or-fiction notwithstanding, Sunday, March 31, is Easter. For some, Easter Sunday is a devout and religious celebration in which the miraculous resurrection of God’s only son is remembered fondly and enjoyed accordingly. For others, it’s all about the chocolate, baby. Continue reading 

Cirque Du Eugene!

If you didn’t catch Cirque Du Soleil when they came through town last year, there’s no need to fret. Local promoter Fusion Friendly is presenting the next best thing at Cozmic on Saturday: Cirque Du Eugene! For the third year running, this amalgamated variety show — which features various carnival-esque gymnastic acts performed by Bounce Gymnastics — will take the stage and boggle some minds. Continue reading 

Pints for a Cause

Eugene needs a new place to grind. That’s why Ninkasi Brewing’s Pints for a Cause benefit March 18 will support the proposed Washington-Jefferson Skatepark and Urban Plaza. The 23,000-square-foot, custom-designed skate terrain needs to raise a total of about $240,000 — luckily not all in one night — for the project, which will be built in the summer and fall. Pints for a Cause features music by dj foodstamp and Hot Milk, plus food by The Sandwich League. Check it out 5-9 pm Monday, March 18, at Ninkasi Brewing, 272 Van Buren St. Continue reading