Ladysmith Black Mambazo

Channeling traditional, African vocal styles such as isicathamiya and mbube, Ladysmith Black Mambazo is a male choral group that will not only challenge your preconceptions about world music, but will also have you grooving to something new. Continue reading 

Reverend Horton Heat

There are some groups that will be remembered for being different. Reverend Horton Heat have decided to drop by, fairly unannounced, this week, to John Henry’s. Yes, you heard us right — it’s the Reverend Horton Heat. Since 1985, Jim Heath and his bandmates have been breaking out unique, hair-raising psycho-rockabilly music. For those that aren’t familiar with the genre, take all the angst of punk, the class of swing, the crest of surf and the twang of country. Throw in a stand up bass and you’re half way there. Continue reading 

Hot 8 Brass Band

If you’re bored this week and feel like swingin’ — I mean seriously getting down — with some hard hitting (and intelligently composed) grooves, look no further than Hot 8 Brass Band’s show at WOW Hall. The New Orleans group has musical roots going back to grade school, and the chemistry they maintain today is an unequivocal product of that fact. In balmy Louisiana, traditional brass music has become so deeply embedded in the culture that images of sweltering New Orleans clubs are difficult to envision without that hot music. Continue reading 

Black Prairie at the Shedd

If we’re going to be honest, the Decemberists hit their peak a while ago. This said, the macabre, folksy offshoot Black Prairie is on the up and up, and the group hits town on Friday. A completely separate project from the Decemberists, Black Prairie features some of the same members, but a sound all of its own: Blending strings, accordions and often virtuosic, swampy classical licks, it’s the sort of band that will make you want to lie down in the grass and watch the sunset. And when it’s dark, the romp and stomp can begin. Continue reading 

Bandest of the Bands

The noise-o-meter has been used for decades in lieu of judges at Battle of the Bands events in order to ensure that the public is heard. This said, Friday night’s Bandest of the Bands at WOW Hall should be a wondrous display of democracy. And let’s not forget the music. Continue reading 

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” These are the iconic words of Martin Luther King Jr., the civil rights champion who our nation celebrates every January. Though, tragically, Dr. King was gunned down on April 4, 1968, the words of his legendary “I Have A Dream” speech have lived on to become some of the most memorable — and powerful — words ever uttered on a public stage. Continue reading 

MLK Events

Numerous events in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day Monday, Jan. 21, have been scheduled around the valley.  In Eugene, an annual march will begin at 11 am at Autzen Stadium followed by an event at 12:15 pm at The Shedd Institute featuring actor and activist Danny Glover and recording artists Lela Parra, Sayba, Ray J and Jeremy Rosado of American Idol fame. Free tickets will be given out at the parade. Continue reading 

The Adventures of Ballet Fantastique

The unconventional ballet company pirouettes into an exciting, cosmopolitan season

Travel. Take risks. Be a little dangerous. These are the inspirations for the upcoming 2013  season at what is arguably Eugene’s most daringly innovative ballet company, Ballet Fantastique. Comprised of seven acclaimed dancers and co-directed by mother-daughter team Donna and Hannah Bontrager, Ballet Fantastique aspires to offer expressive ballet productions full of exploratory storytelling, original choreography and masterful technique.  Continue reading