Eugene Cannabis TV

Too stoned to read EW's recent marijuana coverage? (Or simply an "inexperienced consumer? Sorry, pot legalization is no laughing matter but there's something about weed that just gives us the giggles). Eugene Cannabis TV, which is sort of the Grateful Dead meets Between Two Ferns, is here to get you updated on the world of weed. Continue reading 


A highly abridged Oregon-centric history of marijuana

1935 Oregon passes the Uniform State Narcotic Act, criminalizing cannabis 1936 Reefer Madness, cult classic anti-pot propaganda film, premieres 1937 U.S. Congress passes “Marihuana” Tax Act, “effectively criminalizing marijuana” nationwide 1952 The Boggs Act requires mandatory prison sentencing for cannabis possession offenses  1968 The Grateful Dead play first Eugene show at Erb Memorial Union Continue reading 

Weed on the Street

EW puts Eugene on the spot about pot

With the potential high for another ballot measure this November to legalize recreational cannabis use, EW thought it time to take to the streets to ask the people what they think. What did we learn? In our tiny, unscientific random sampling downtown of Eugeneans actually willing to talk about pot on record, the overwhelming response was in favor of legalization. However, that was pretty much the only thing people agreed on. The devil is in the details and those details still need some major hashing out, but there’s no better time to start hashing than the present. Continue reading