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targeted individuals and psychiatric survivors unite

April 6 • 1:00 pm - 6:00 pm


psychiatric survivors and targeted individuals:

Guys there’s going to be a protest I arranged first Friday of April. that’s April 6th 2018. my friend David Oaks Harvard grad psychiatric survivor is joining me along with MindFreedom International and a team of psychiatric survivors. MindFreedom is against Oregon State Hospital and what the Oregon mental health system did to me including targeting me and covering up my targeting framing me to look psychotic and crazy. they also are against the population control techniques used on us which include psychiatry to literally kill and mutilate citizens who like a game of Plinko end up dead and tossed away from one end or another by the American government.

When and where: meet at 1pm Lila Peer Support Club downtown Eugene Oregon for a lunch and prep and just sit and socialize and wait. at 4pm we go to Kesey Square. Ken Kesey originally donated the square to the city of Eugene and the city now has a statute of him reading a book there. Ken is an original mkultra victim and psychiatric aid who authored One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest about Oregon State Hospital and he got the ideas for the book after taking LSD in Mkultra funded mind control experiments as a nursing aid. he ushered in the actual age of Aquarius – after the LSD turned him on, he drove across America hosting gathering where partiers shared LSD and other illicit drugs for the first time. Ken only realized after MKULTRA became public the drugs he was asked to take and experiment with as an aid came from the CIA all part of nefarious plots against society.

Lila Peer Support Club address: 990 Oak St, Eugene, OR 97401
Kesey Square address: 10 E Broadway, Eugene, OR 97401

call and text me for help related: 5039675202

organizer: Todd Giffen, TI, victim, activist

Ken is now dead but his name lives on. For more information on his story, check out the book Electric Kool-aid Acid Test for the story of Ken Kesey and the trips across America that got everyone hooked on LSD. while the drug makes one suffer schizophrenic symptoms or worse, many found the psychedelic trip impossible to resist and quite the turn on. they believed it helped them reach new levels of enlightment.

(There’s a possibility Kesey was in the CIA working for them and helped test the drugs on the public during his trips but feigned ignorance as a cover story. the CIA was otherwise responsible for spreading drugs like LSD around at the time. I prefer to believe the story he was a human experimentation victim and was unwitting like so many.)

And no need to mention it- mkultra was the build up to today’s system – interrogation methods and weapons perfected to target any human being and control us our entire lives.


A big part of David Oaks and MindFreedom International work is antipsychiatry. they fight forcible drugging and ECT which kills and maims citizens. over 500000+ elderly die annually alone and the drugs kill 57%+ on average by 17 years of being on psychiatric drugs. this is known as a prescription for death and is a population control system set up around us. they hide these risks to prevent citizens emotional reactions to fight it making them easier to drug and control. this is all done under the guise citizens are receiving mental health help but they actually are being falsely diagnosed and done in and it’s all authorized by congress. few sites with resources: mindfreedom.org/truth madinamerica.com psychrights.com cchr.org wayneramsay.com breggin.com tobywatson.com sethhfarber.com laurentenney.us davidwoaks.com

The United Nations has labeled psychiatry torture and asked the world to ban medication/ECT/biomedical model as it is not effectual and superior more effective less invasive methods exist for mental health care. the United States continues to not care or respond to United Nations Special Reporter on Health and Special Reporter on Torture to stop using meds/ECT/torture/biomedical model.

I can tell you I just had a meeting with David Oaks and MindFreedom International with over 16 in attendance at the Eugene library. expect some cool people to show up! these guys are badass!

Here are a few banners/posters/flyers graphics I will personally have available. make your own and make T-shirts etc if you’d like to contribute.



We are asking for the government to stop targeting individuals and to stop using psychiatry on the unwitting victims of society.

Todd Giffen


April 6
1:00 pm - 6:00 pm
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Kesey Square
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