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What the Race for the Cure Isn’t Telling You

October 18 • 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Jane Steckbeck JD, CSC – Moderator
Ingrid Edstrom FNP, M.Ed., CTT – Thermography/ Cryoablation
Kimby Maxson LMT – Lymph Drainage Specialist and Trainer

Our cultural narrative around breast care tells us that annual mammograms after the age of 40 are the only way to safely monitor breast health and “prevent” breast cancer. Yet, recent studies have shown that women who do not get mammograms fare better than women who do—and that mammograms fail to detect early cancers especially in women with dense breasts, which is about a third of the population.

Most women do not know that more effective screening is available and that true prevention also exists! Using a FDA approved military grade Infrared camera technology as a risk detection tool, thermography is a scanning process that detects metabolic changes in the breasts 3 to 8 years before mammogram detection. Thermography is painless, affordable, easy and empowering. This gives women the ability to reduce their risk or reoccurrence of breast cancer through adopting organic whole-food based dietary protocols, taking individualized supplements, hormone balancing, lifestyle changes and lymph drainage massage.

In this three-hour event, you will learn what the Race for the Cure Pink Ribbon programs are not telling you. Less than 2% of their fundraising goes towards prevention, and women want to know what they can do to not get the cancer in the first place or not have it return.

• One woman’s experiences with mammography twice failing to detect a tumor, even on the day an ultrasound confirmed its existence.

• Cryoablation—a revolutionary technique being used to successfully freeze women’s breast cancers with liquid nitrogen using a bit of Novocain and an office ultrasound in a 30-45 minute office visit—having a 92% to100% effectiveness in tumors less than 1.5 cm avoiding radiation and chemo.

• Infrared technology (thermography) that detects metabolic/physiological changes years before tumors form, giving women the opportunity to make changes and improve their breast health.

• Dietary and supplementary protocols that can help women alter their metabolism thus reducing the risk of developing breast cancer or its reoccurrence and provided in a comprehensive new book “Protect Your Breasts” plus book signing afterwards.

• How lymphatic breast self-massage can keep breasts healthy and keep women in touch with how their breasts feel, thus empowering women to know their breasts well and to be able to detect any changes.

Fear and a powerful cancer industry that controls the narrative around breast cancer keep women frightened and disempowered. “Caring for the girls” by wearing cute pink shirts and getting annual mammograms just doesn’t cut it. We deserve better and better already exists. Come and find out what true prevention really is all about—and become empowered in your breast health.

Light snacks provided. Participants are welcome to bring a brown bag dinner.

Lane Community College Downtown:
Room 106
101 W 10th Avenue
Eugene, OR 97401

Please contact us on Facebook or contact@proactivebreastwellness.com with how many people are coming, so we can bring the correct amount of food.


October 18
5:00 pm - 8:00 pm
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