Help Kids Problem Solve and Build Confidence

Climbing Summer Camp in Eugene

Bouldering is climbing in its purest form. By eliminating gear, climbers are able to dedicate more of their attention to movement and problem solving. They can also move freely throughout the space — no partner required — making bouldering a more social activity than roped climbing. With a maximum wall height of 15 feet, a harness and rope are unnecessary and a soft, padded floor protects falls.

In Eugene, the people at Elevation Bouldering Gym offer an innovative setting, thoughtful design, and an enjoyable multi-sensory experience that inspires the community to connect and grow healthier together.

Summer camp programs in Eugene are available June 18 to Aug. 31 for ages 5-12. Instructors are experienced and provide an action packed week of climbing, games, and other activities. The goal is to build confidence, problem solve, push limits and make new friends!