Celestial Vibe

Vegan and gluten-free chocolate donuts.   Alex Moon has worked in the restaurant industry for 20 years, but it only recently occurred to her that she could open up her own place. “It’s a relatively new idea for me,” she says. Continue reading 

Word Is

* Want to grocery shop online? You can do it locally at Lane Local Foods, an online farmers market operated by the Willamette Farm and Food Coalition. Online shoppers can login at lanelocalfoods.com, or access it through the market’s mobile app, and order groceries any time from Wednesday morning to Sunday night. Farmers post their products and shoppers can choose what they want, anything from okra from Mountain View Farm in Junction City to feta cheese from Ferns’ Edge Goat Dairy in Lowell. Continue reading 

Beer Steward Aaron Brussat and Party Downtown pair up with local food and Belgian beers

We have some great locally grown food here in the Willamette valley. Paired with some top notch innovative chefs and a thriving fermentation culture it an exciting time to be a food lover in Eugene. Here is a look at a fantastic dinner that took place Monday at Party Downtown with wonderful German and Belgian beer chosen by Beer Steward and friendly Bier Stein bottle librarian Aaron Brussat. Continue reading 

Bring on the ’Buch

When Curtis Shimmen (pictured) founded Kore Kombucha three years ago, he was already dreaming about opening a kombucha taphouse. “Taphouses are a great way to introduce people to a wide variety of kombucha,” Shimmen says, pointing out that most stores carry only a few flavors of the bubbly, fermented drink, leaving out some more enigmatic concoctions, such as coffee kombucha with raspberry or vanilla chai kombucha.  Continue reading 

Small Cart, Big Taste

“The term ‘fusion food’ gets used so much nowadays,” says Tony Ngo, co-owner of Da Nang Vietnamese Eatery, which won third place for food carts in EW’s Best of Eugene. “Vietnamese food is one of those organic fusion foods.”  Tony Ngo and co-owner James Ngo (no relation) are long-time friends with families here in Eugene. They opened the Da Nang food cart last May and named it after the city where both of their families are from. Earlier this year both men traveled to Vietnam for six weeks to see family and research food. Continue reading 

Know Your Noodle

The ancient Chinese invention of the noodle still enjoys popularity in Asian cuisine to this day. The types of noodles available differ almost as vastly as the common dishes in which they appear. Here is a short guide to a select few of the most common noodle soups, as well as the various noodles found immersed in their broth.   Continue reading 

In the Market

You don’t have to live in a big city to enjoy the benefits of an Asian market: Eugene and Springfield have a smattering of markets full of the best and most unusual ingredients Asian cuisine has to offer. Some have been here since the ’90s and some are only a few years old, but if you have a recipe (Asian or not) that you’re dying to try out, make sure to stop by these locally owned grocery stores first.    Sunrise Asian Food Market 70 W. 29th Ave.; 343-3295 Continue reading 

Cambodian Cuisine

If you’re not sure what Cambodian food is like, Horn Nov, the owner of Angkor Cambodian Cafe, offers some tantalizing clues. “Next door to Thailand, next door to Vietnam,” he says about Cambodia’s closest neighbors. “A lot of fresh ingredients, lemon grass, turmeric, ginger.”  The curry, for example, is served with noodles, Cambodian-style. Nov tries to describe it and then decides to bring out a bowl of the colorful dish instead.  Continue reading